June 5

05/06/2021 Personal Values & Integrity Index

Day Thirty Four.

I had a pretty big day of working on the van today.  A few upgrades before we hit the road to the South Island.

I carpeted the doors, the clothing area, built a new shelf and laminated the floor. Pretty good effort all round.

I always tend to feel pretty present when I do that type of work.

Started re-listening to the audiobook that I just finished (The Way Of Integrity by Martha). After listening to it first time around I felt amazing, so I’m going back through it again.

Since listening to this book a few things have really started to make sense. 

It’s given me a belief in things and myself that I didn’t have before.  I feel more on my path, know a shit tonne more, and feel far more attuned to my body and the way of integrity. 

It’s pretty fucking cool.

With all of this newfound creativity, focus and excitement my aim is to build something online to help people discover/ uncover their true values and integrity.  

I don’t know what it’s going to look like, don’t know how it’s going to work, and I don’t even really know how I’m going to build it.  But I will.

And this time, unlike so many other things that I’ve built in the past, is actually going to be fucking good, and really work.

What I did good

  • Smashed out the van.

What I did bad

  • Don’t know why, but told a white lie to the checkout chick that served me in no way whatsoever.
  • Ate way too much crap food.

Tasks for tomorrow, to be better than I was today:

Truth, truth and more truth.  The truth will set you free.  The truth puts an end to guilt.  Align your life with your truth and you’ll never feel guilt again.

- Rowan. 


Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress


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