June 8

08/06/2021 Personal Values & Integrity Index

Day Thirty Seven.

New day, new routine.

Woke up, and instead of hitting the road like we normally do we instead have opted to put work first. And it worked.

Got heaps of good shit done.

I've noticed a couple of areas of my life where this is going to be so helpful as I'm always putting myself last, my needs last. And you know what, it never gets done.  So, as I've heard from Naval my new order of priorities is going to look something like this:  

1st My health.

2nd My work & learning.

3rd My kids health & wellbeing.

4th Life.

Something like that anyway.  And I'm also going to be paying myself first too from now on - no more getting paid last here.

As after working a whole season, paying everyone and everything else first, I basically got nothing at the end of it (not really anyway).  And that just sucks.  

So, next season it's going to be different.  I'll pay my savings first, my personal money second, the company money third, and then (and only then) will I pay any bills or staff.  I heard this from a guy called Dr Demartini and I now know why he said it, it makes so much sense.

And whats more, I'm going to automate the shit out of it.

What I did good

  • Nutted out some rad shit on the business (really got some good stuff done)
  • Put myself first.
  • Found a new technique to make myself happier everyday.

What I did bad

  • Nothing too bad today

Tasks for tomorrow, to be better than I was today:

Put myself first, then help others.

- Rowan. 


Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress


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