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13/05/2021 Personal Values & Integrity Index

Day Eleven

Starting to feel like my resting heart rate is dropping, and I'm feeling that nice calm, peaceful feeling I love that comes with van life.

I think oftentimes, when you're in your own home your mind gets occupied by so much crap. Gotta do the dishes, clean up, answer this, sort out xyz...

It kind of keeps you in this constant state of heightened stress.  

So, I'm not going to lie it feels damn good.  

I've finished the Almanak by Naval, and I've just started a new book (I think it's called the rational optimist) which comes recommended by Naval, so I'm frothing to start digging into that one.

We arrived today at a place called Shipwrecks Bay, home to one of the best lefthand point breaks in the country, and it's frickin awesome. So quite, so peaceful, and beatiful.

And, I took my daughter out for a surf and she caught the wave of her life so far (she's six), which was such a pleasure to bare witness to.

All in all, a high vibe, dreamy day on the open road.  

What I did good

  • Took my daughter surfing and she caught the best wave of her life.
  • Read lots.
  • Went swimming in the ocean.
  • Brainstormed a few good project ideas.

What I did bad

  • I poured a bit of piss from our toilet at the side of the road.
  • Didn't recycle a few things I probably should have.

Tasks for tomorrow, to be better than I was today:

Ok, so the below was what I was meant to do yesterday, but didn't so I'm going to copy and paste it here for tomorrow:

"I want to nut out all of the jobs and make up all of the km's so that we can get to our destination and change course, and start working on some cool shit.

So, that means nutting out the tax, finishing my kids homeschool application, and getting a new sim with heaps of data sorted."


- Rowan. 


Current Progress
Current Progress
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