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14/05/2021 Personal Values & Integrity Index

Day Twelve.

The creative juices are starting to get flowing now which is pretty cool. I find with a bit of peace, and a bit of space creativity begins to run through me.

All too often though however, I find myself just being busy.  Not nessasarily doing anything important, just being busy.

That part I don’t like.

But this busyness gets reduced on the road because life becomes way more simplictic. The main concerns of the day are: where am I going to find water, have I got enough food, do my devices have charge and have I got internet.

That’s about it.

Once all of those bases are covered my creativity is allowed to let loose.

I feel like I’ve got a nice idea that’s brewing - needs a little work - which should be just about doable for my skill level where I’m at.  So, I’m looking forward to nutting out the creases on that one and maybe getting my teeth stuck in soon.

As for my day, it’s been a reasonable amount of driving right up to the very tip of NZ, a place called Cape Rienga.  The Cape itself is pretty average - well I say average but it was still pretty amazing, just not my cup of tea - but the place we’ve decided to camp (Spirit Bay) is genuinely stunning, so loving being around such stunning scenery.

Anyway, I’ve been relatively good with the whole values thing today.  Simplicity levels are sky high, creativity is starting to come through, not done too much on the learning front so can’t wait to get stuck into something challenging soon.

What I did good

  • Got some creativity back into me head.
  • Lots of time to contemplate.
  • Started a new book.

What I did bad

  • Probably checked CoinMarketcap a little too much.
  • Let my kids ride on the back of my van and one of them hurt themselves (not badly).

Tasks for tomorrow, to be better than I was today:

I want to get my idea nutted out onto paper and work through some of the details, then work out a plan of how I’m going to build it.

I love it when I’m pushing myself to the edges of my ability.  I can’t wait.

- Rowan. 


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