May 19

19/05/2021 Personal Values & Integrity Index

Day Seventeen.

Been getting pretty into the book I'm reading right now: More Equal Animals, by Dan Larimer. The book in itself is all about what a true democracy should look like, how to reach consensus, and a mechanism for getting there.

And it's in reading this book that a couple of things have kind of come together for me.

This might just be a load of bullshit - but I think I'm onto something.

Here's my first go at explaining what's in my head...

Ok, time for a thought experiment:

I want you to think of three to four skills you have that you're really good at. That could be anything you can think of, it could be that you're pretty, fast, really good at chess & are really good at making vases.

Whatever it is, write those skills down.

Now right you're list of highest values down on paper.  For me (at the minute) that's creativity, learning, simplicity & freedom.

Your next step is to brainstorm ways that you can package your unique skills, alongside your personal values, in a way that serves people, at scale.

And boom, that's what you need to be doing with your life.

It needs a little refining, but I think as a method there's a chance that this could have some real legs and could be a great way to really help a lot of people.

I'll see how I get on on that this front over the next couple of days.

What I did good

  • Went to quite possibly one of the nicest most peaceful beaches I've ever been to.
  • Went naked swimming.
  • Took my daughter surfing in the clearest water I've ever surfed in.

What I did bad

  • Nothing too bad today.

Tasks for tomorrow, to be better than I was today:

Get refining on my idea, get a few plans sorted out for website.

- Rowan. 


Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress


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