May 26

26/05/2021 Personal Values & Integrity Index

Day Twenty Four.

Had a bit of a faff of a morning.  

Woke up, had coffee, went looking for surf.  First spot too windy, second spot was a bit weird and the third was a no go.  But here's the thing.

Living in a van with other people takes compromise.  And at what point does your freedom take away from others? And is that right?

Here's an example:

Today, Loz (my kids mum) was first up to surf. The first spot we checked was a bit small, but still ok. But she didn't want to go in - her freedom of choice.  But that freedom of choice impacted my freedom of choice to go in too. 

So it begs the question about what true freedom is, an how subjective it is.  As ultimately true freedom is a completely self sufficient you, not relying on anyone else for literally anything - food, water, shelter, etc.  And that's the life that nobody wants to live right?

In that sense it's been an interesting observation over the past twelve or so hours as to what freedom means to me, and to be a bit more specific about it.  Because ultimately I think the word has been so hijacked over the years that nobody really knows what it means anymore.  

I'll muse on that tomorrow.

However, on a slightly different note...

It was a full moon tonight, and we had a full party in the van.  House music on loud speaker, dancing, singing and all.  It was super fun.  They are the type of nights in the van that just really make it such a cool experience.  So impromptu.  

What I did good

  • Cooked up a fucking storm.
  • Sent off for new passports for me and kids.
  • Had an epic night in the van.

What I did bad

  • Didn't surf because we made some weird surf calls in the morning that didn't need to be done.  Hopefully won't make the same mistake again.

Tasks for tomorrow, to be better than I was today:

I want to spend a little time really thinking about what freedom means to me, and how it fits into life with my kids and family. 

- Rowan. 


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