Rowan Clifford

Hey, I'm Rowan.

Ok. So I’ve been on this whole ‘financial freedom’ path since 2001.

Between 2001 and 2016 I started over 10 online businesses.

All of them failed!

Inwardly I was an entrepreneur about to take over the world. Outwardly I was far from it.

The turning point for me was when I got chatting to a guy who asked me what I did.

I said “I’m an entrepreneur, I build businesses online”.

In a way I kind of was, except, I just kind of sucked at it.

Later that day, to my disgust the same guy I was chatting to earlier saw me again.

This time however, I was stuck behind a coffee machine frothing lattes. A 34 year old father of two, surrounded by teenagers in some dingy coffee shop.

A far cry from the “entrepreneur” I spoke of earlier that day.

Oh the shame…

I made a decision that day.

I gave myself one last chance.  One last chance at getting out of the shit paradigm I was in of getting paid minimum wage trying to support a family.

This time I'd do things differently.

No more taking over the world. No more swinging for the fences. No more dreaming.

Just follow a proven system that worked.

If I couldn’t get it right this time, I was going to give up.

I read everything I could on how to build and grow a blog, affiliate marketing, online course creation and set to work.

3 months after following that system I earned my first ever penny online. An affiliate commission of £1.75!

That tiny commission changed my life.

From that day forward my life changed. I continued to follow the same system, continually growing my income online.

And I'm grateful to say that I've finally reached a point where my passive income streams allow me give the finger to minimum wage for good.

I want to share everything that I've learned with you so that hopefully, you too can give your boss the finger!

To your success.

A little about me...

I live to surf, travel, create and eat good healthy food.  I'm a tech nerd freedom seeker, living an unconventional life on the peripherals of society.

Age: 37

Height: 5'7.5" (basically a Dwarf. Or is that a Midget?  Hang on, what about a Goblin?)

A fact you may not know about me:  Under the hat I'm bald (well getting there at least), that's why I ALWAYS wear the hat.

Fact #2: I have hairy feet.

Fact #3: My mum actually tried to get abducted by aliens (true).  Thankfully she's past that stage now.