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How To Use The Matrix Template

Dwight Eisenhower is famous for being one of the most productive humans ever to have lived.  His productivity system was simple; organise tasks in order of urgency and importance.

This simple system led to the creation of the Eisenhower Matrix, and here's how to use it.

The Eisenhower Matrix Template consists of four quadrants

Quadrant one of the Eisenhower Matrix

Quadrant one

This quadrant is for urgent and important tasks only.

  • Last minute assignment
  • Making mortgage/rent payments
  • Filing tax return

Quadrant two

This quadrant is where you should focus most. These tasks, although not urgent are still very important.  These tasks are key for you hitting your longterm goals.

  • Exercise daily
  • Write blog articles
  • Longterm business strategy
Quadrant two of the Eisenhower decision matrix
Eisenhower Template quadrant three

Quadrant three

Although urgent, these tasks are of little importance. The goal of this quadrant is to delegate/automate these tasks away.

  • Checking emails
  • Answering phone calls
  • Cleaning the house

Quadrant four

The goal is to eliminate quadrant four tasks altogether.

  • Social media
  • Responding to phone notifications
  • Netflix
Eisenhower Matrix pdf quadrant four

What are the benefits of using the Eisenhower Decision Matrix?


Importance over urgency

Over time the Eisenhower Method will get you working on important tasks ahead of anything else.  Sustained action on the tasks that align with your values and goals will get you there quicker.


Time management

Used effectively this system will reduce time wastage on tasks that don't add value to your life.  By delegating/automating these tasks you'll have more time to do what matters to you.


Life by design

Consciously aligning the tasks you do, to your values and goals will eventually create the life you want.  It's not a quick fix, instead a long term strategy for massive productivity, and a fulfilled life.


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