April 26

Personal Mantra; & The Art of self-persuasion


You’ve probably heard of a mantra before, but what about a personal mantra?

I know what you’re thinking, enough of that hippy shit already.

I know, I know.  But stay with me.  You’re really going to like this.

You see, traditional goal setting is just so lame lets be fair.  

Sure, you’re all inspired and full of motivation at the outset, but that soon dwindles away and you’re back where you started.

If that sounds like you (it sure as hell sounds like me), then you’re going to love this article.

What is a personal mantra?

A personal mantra is a document you read to yourself daily.  This document is written in such a way as to evoke a response within you, to trigger you into taking action, and to continually remind you of your goals, and what’s really important to you.

How does a personal mantra work?

A personal mantra works by serving as a constant reminder, or anchor, to align the work you do with your personal mission, values and goals.

Your personal mantra is like a compass, keeping you on your own true North, steering you there without deviation.

How to create a personal mantra

The key to creating an effective personal mantra is to make it hit home hard.  That means brutal honesty.  Your personal mantra is for you, and you only, so fuck whatever anyone else thinks or any judgements they might have.

This is time to be selfish.

Here’s how to create a personal mantra that really fucking works:

Complete honesty

I mentioned this before, and I’ll mention it here again.  Complete, radical honesty is essential.

Let me explain.

Some of our goals can be, you know, a bit crass, vulgar and selfish, so we often try and sugar coat them to avoid looking like a dick to others.  

But here’s the thing…

When we do this we’re effectively changing our goals to suit those around us to avoid criticism, and that just plain sucks.

Striving to make other people happy at the cost of living life on your terms is a losing strategy that’ll end up in disappointment. 

For that reason, stay honest - brutally honest - at all times.

Market to yourself

You know when you read a good sales page, or read a really good article and the words really move you.  They hit a nerve.

That’s called copywriting - Copywriting is the act of writing text that persuades a person to take a particular action. 

And we can use this same skill to “persuade ourselves” to take action.

Here’s what I mean.

Lets say your goal might be to make $50k by the end of the year.

A typical goal might look like this: “Make $50k by end of year.”

Now that’s cool and all, but it’s hardly very persuasive.  Let's compare it to something with a little copywriting spice added into the mix.

“As we speak I’m doing whatever it takes to turn this blog into a $50,000 per year business, making £274 per/day.  The value of the products and services I create makes this a no brainer.”

This is something from one of my personal personal mantras, and it used to give me shivers in my spine when I read it.  

That’s what you want your mantra to do.  You want it to be moving, you want it to evoke action.

Get specific

With your personal mantra, you’ve got to get specific, like real specific.

If you want to make money, how much do you want to make exactly?  How much is that broken down by the day, or even by the hour?

You see, breaking things down and getting specific makes your goals more tangible.  And if it’s tangible, and you believe it, you’ll do it.

Don't be a sheep

This kind of goes without saying, but make sure that the goals you set for yourself are genuinely aligned with your values.  

Here’s what I mean.

Let's say one of your goals is to produce more video content on your website.  

You want to create the video content because you know it’ll be good for your website traffic and growing your audience.


  1. You don’t really like making video content.
  2. You’re not really very good at making video content.

When broken down, really what you want is more traffic, and a bigger audience, NOT to create more video content.

So you know what, DON’T FUCKING DO IT!

Do it in a different way.

If you like writing, write blog content to drive traffic.  If you like talking, use podcasting to drive traffic.  If you like social media, use social media to drive traffic.

At the end of the day, just align what you want to achieve with what you actually enjoy doing, otherwise, what’s the fucking point?

Examples of personal mantras

Here’s an example of my own personal mantra from a few years back.  It's a little embarrassing I know, but here it is:

Example of my own personal mantra

"My blog is being built to become the absolute best resource worldwide for digital Micropreneurs to cultivate their skills, productising themselves and their talents to make money online.

As we speak I’m doing whatever it takes to turn this blog into a £100,000 per year business, making £274 per/day.  The value of the products and services I create makes this a no brainer.

I only build products, and offer services that fill me with pride.  These products are so good, that they sell themselves and my customers can’t stop talking about them.

Everything I do is dripping with integrity, honesty and authenticity.  You can fucking taste it!

I express myself freely at all times, from sunrise to sunset, and I’m always in the right place at the right time, to meet the right people.  In fact, I go out of my way to find people in my niche to surround myself with.

I’m doing all of this because if I don’t, I’ll still be working in cafe’s when I’m forty.  And that just can’t happen."

These words speak to me.  They give me tingles in my spine, and they trigger me emotionally to take action.

And they work.

Use this example as a guide only because obviously your goals and your values will be much different to mine, but I hope it'll help in some way.


I want you to take what you’ve learned here and go apply it right now.  

Not tonight, not tomorrow…


Go do it now, and do it EVERY SINGLE MORNING without fail, and never skip a day.

Then, report back to me in twelve months time and tell me how much of a difference it’s made.  I guarantee it’ll change your life.

Peace out.



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