August 9

Your Values Dictate Your Success: Time To Get Aligned!


Do you ever feel like life is a constant uphill battle?

Your work is getting you down, your relationships are falling apart, and you feel disconnected from the world around you?

If so, then you're certainly not alone.  In today's society people are feeling less empowered than ever.

But, is life really meant to be a lonely disjointed struggle, or is it possible to live where you do good shit, and get well rewarded for it?

The answers lie in the hierarchy of your values, and how those values are aligned.  

There's 7 major areas of life which, if harnessed, can get you on track with your goals, and help you achieve success in all areas of your life.

So, what are these 7 areas of life?

You're about to find out...

1. The Mind

We are all naturally drawn to learn things that are aligned with our highest values.  And, you’ll notice that whatever is highest on your values will be what you observe in your environment most.

In the quest of mastering your mental genius you’ll spontaneously be drawn to learn and master the things that are most important to you.

Disconnection From Your Genius Zone

The problem comes when your trying to learn things and master skills that have no direct correlation to what’s highest on your values.

A great example of this is the unfulfilled University graduate...

They spend years of their life, studying day in day out, only to graduate and realise that it’s something they have no interest in and no longer want to pursue. 

Oftentimes it’s done purely to appease their parents expectations (someone else’s highest values), leading to anger and resentment.

How To Maximise Your Minds learning Potential

There are many things we may need to learn that don’t intrinsically correlate to our highest values.  This means we’re learning from a place where we need external motivation, rather than working from internal inspiration.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

The way to unlock the full potential of your capacity to learn is to link what it is you want/need to learn, to what’s highest on your values.

Ask yourself this question:

“How specifically is what I’m about to learn going to help me get what I want in life?

When you create this powerful link you:

  • Maximise the functionality of the brain
  • Maximise your capacity to learn
  • Maximise the ability to internalise what you learn

You learn most effectively when it's aligned to what’s truly most meaningful and inspiring to you.  

When you do this, the knowledge stays with you and becomes internalised.

2. Your Work

People don’t work for the sake of work or company goals, they go to work because it helps them get what they want in life.  It helps them achieve what's highest on their values.

If you’re fulfilling your highest values at work, you’ll be in your power zone and you’ll be more engaged, more productive and inspired by the work you do.

Serving the world and contributing in a meaningful way only comes from doing work you love.  

When You Hate What You Do...

When your not in alignment with the work you do you’ll leave work feeling depleted, tired and uninspired.

This misalignment can lead to quick fix stimulant consumptions like alcohol, social media, T.V, news websites etc.

This creates a self perpetuating downward spiral keeping you in a state of depression and desperation.

How To Not Hate Your Job (as much)

You feel depleted from your work because you can’t see how the work you’re doing is helping you achieve what's important to you.

To align the work that you do with your highest values, ask yourself this question:

“How does the work I’m doing right now help me achieve what’s truly meaningful to me”?

When you make the connection between the work you do and your highest values you’ll begin to see how it's a stepping stone helping you get to where you want to life.  If you practice this you'll:

  • Grow in energy
  • Be more productive
  • Be more efficient
  • Be more engaged
  • Be willing to endure higher levels of adversity

3. Finances

Money circulates throughout the economy from those who value it least to those that value it most.  So, if you don’t value money, it’ll flow away from you to someone that does.

True financial independence comes when you no longer need to go to work to pay all of your living expenses.  To get there you got to actually value building wealth.

When You're Financially Fucked

Many people fall victim to the “bright shiny object syndrome” where they’re forever chasing something new.

The latest Iphone, newest car, biggest T.V etc.

The problem is that if you spend your money on consumables that depreciate in value you’ll always be a slave to money rather than its master.

You’ll never be able to reach financial independence.

First Steps To Financial Independence

Wealth building takes time, discipline and patience, alongside many sacrifices and inevitable failures.  Therefore, in order to sustain the journey you must be willing to endure the peaks and troughs of getting there.

That will only happen when the rewards of wealth building and financial independence are truly aligned with your highest values.  Without this connection, you’ll be in a constant search for external motivation to get you there, which inevitably will never happen.

To begin aligning wealth creation and financial independence to your highest values ask yourself this question:

“How is wealth building and financial independence going to help me do what I've got to do, and get where I want to get in life”?

When your values and wealth building goals align, you’ll be working from a place of inspiration not desperation.  And, you’ll be willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

4. Relationships

People just want to be loved for who they authentically are, not what others expect them to be.

And, who we authentically are revolves around our highest values.

For example:

If you spend most of your time learning about business, thinking about business, and working on your own business.  Then building a successful business is obviously very high on your values.

Likewise, if you spend your days nurturing your children, feeding them, caring for them and supporting them.  Then children and family are very high on your value list.

Relationships are two sided affairs which bring with them complicated, often opposing value hierarchies.

It’s when these opposing values collide, that friction builds within a relationship, leading to anger and resentment.

Relationship Breakdown

In a relationship consisting of two individuals the hierarchy of their respective values will always be different.

One side may value career, and wealth creation at the top of their list, whilst the other may value homebuilding and family.

The disparity between these two value sets causes friction and results in blame and disconnection.

How To Empower Your Personal Relationships

Every individual wants to live true to their authentic self.

So, to create a harmonious communion between two people there must be an alignment in their highest values.

To begin the process of connecting the values between you and your partner ask yourself these two questions:

Ask these two questions to connect the values between you and your partner


“How does your partner getting what’s highest on their values help you achieve what’s most important to you”?


“How is what’s highest on your values helping your partner achieve what’s most important to them”?

Asking these simple questions helps instigate more dialogue within a relationship with less arguments, leading to open communication and harmonious resolutions.

Everybody just wants to be heard, loved and cherished for who they really are.

5. Social

In social situations, those that conduct themselves with integrity and authenticity emerge as leaders and people with influence.

These are the people that are capable of really making a difference in the world.

When you live in this state of high integrity and authenticity, in full alignment with your values, you give people permission to express their authentic self without fear of judgment.

A byproduct of this is that people will be magnetically drawn to you.

Are You Socially Disconnected?

When you live inauthentically to your true self it creates a magnetic repulsion, diluting your power and influence over others and the world around you. 

In-authenticity comes when we try and live up to someone else’s expectations and values rather than our own, by subordinating to them.

This leads to a disconnect with the people around us, leading to distant friendships and connections, and depleted influence as those around us find it impossible to connect with us.

How To Be Empowered In Social Situations

Uncovering your authentic self is a process.

After a lifetime’s worth of absorbing other people’s values and expectations, it can be hard to really know what the real you looks like.

This process of uncovering can be thought of like the work of a stone sculptor...

With each strike of the hammer to the stone a small chip is removed.  Each time getting closer to revealing the magnificence of the unique piece of art within.

To begin uncovering your true authentic self, and owning your true power in social situations and gaining influence on those around you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is what I'm doing right now true for me?
  • Am I acting from a place of authenticity?
  • Am I acting with integrity in everything I do?

By asking these questions you begin to unleash the real you. 

A byproduct of this is will be a natural charismatic attraction to those around you in your sphere of influence, with stronger bonds and closer connections.

6. Spiritual

Spirituality can be defined by what inspires you most - What is most meaningful, most purposeful, and most fulfilling in your life. 

It’s an expression of what’s highest on your values.

Every human being lives by a hierarchy of values.  From what’s least important to what’s most important.

And, whenever you do things that are congruent to your highest values you don’t need any external motivation as you’re spontaneously inspired from within.

For example: 

If you’re dedicated to raising a family and nurturing your children, then this is a spiritual expression of what’s highest on your values.

Likewise, if you’re dedicated to sport or travel, they too are spiritual expressions of what’s highest on your values.

Feeling Spiritually Disconnected

People get disconnected from their spiritual self when they’re not living life congruently with their values.  These are often values passed down by family, friends and society as a whole.  

Living life by a set of values that aren’t yours leads to what I call the A, B,C,D’s of negativity.


Internal Anger & Aggression


Internal Anger & Aggression


Internal Anger & Aggression


Internal Anger & Aggression

Get Aligned With Your Spiritual Purpose

Your spiritual power increases whenever your living in alignment with your highest values, and living what’s authentically true for YOU!

Living congruently to your highest values allows your inner magnificence to shine.

To unleash the full potential of your spiritual power you must first uncover what your natural, authentic, true values really are.

Try asking yourself these questions:

  • How do you spend your time each day?
  • What things do you like to learn?
  • What feels like play to you, but work to others?
  • What do you spend your money on?

7. Physical

Your physical health and wellbeing are a direct feedback mechanism of the way that you lead your life.  And, the way that you lead your life comes down to your perceptions of the reality's around you.

These perceptions in your life not only impact you psychologically, but also physiologically.

What you think, and what you experience, effect’s how you feel.

High levels of health and wellbeing come from balance, and this psychological balance comes from living life in accordance with your highest values. 

When you live your life congruently with your highest values you create a balanced psychological environment, which in turn regulates a balanced physiological response.

Living With Poor Health

When we’re not living in alignment with our highest values we experience many negative emotions:

Negative Emotions Caused By Misalignment:

  • Anger
  • Resentment
  • Blame
  • Apathy
  • Shame
  • Depression
  • Hate

These negative emotions and negative perceptions in turn manifest physiological health conditions, resulting in poor health an illness.

How To Live A Healthy Life

These negative perceptions come from living in misalignment with your highest values. This happens whenever you live your life trying to please someone else, or live according to someone else’s highest values.

By living your life in misalignment you unearth countless negative emotions.  These negative emotions are symptoms of you not living in alignment, and living in line with what is truly purposeful and meaningful to you.

The first step to empowering your health and wellbeing is being aware of this psychological - physiological feedback loop.

The second step is to begin living life congruently in all 7 areas, and living life authentically and in alignment with your highest values.


Each of the 7 areas of your life revolve around your hierarchy of values.

Once you know your true values and what’s meaningful specifically to you, you’ll be able to begin empowering all areas of your life.

Not knowing your true values is like trying to reach a destination using the wrong map, inevitably leading you down the wrong path.

Start living life according to your true values & not the values of those around you.

Peace out.



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