October 29

Thrive Quiz Builder Review: The Good & The Bad…



What is Thrive Quiz Builder?  Thrive Quiz Builder is a premium WordPress plugin used by digital marketers for creating complex quizzes that increase user engagement, whilst building and segmenting your email list.

In a crowded market, how does Thrive's Quiz Builder plugin stack up against the other quiz builders in this space?

Is it leading the way? Or getting left behind?

In this review of Thrive Quiz Builder I'll be diving deep to give you a complete breakdown of its features...

...the good, and the bad!



Creates beautiful, intuitive quizzes in minutes


Not the cheapest, but pretty damn affordable

Ease of use

After initial set-up, very easy to use


Support offered only through Tickets

  • Very affordable one time payment
  • Insanely flexible
  • Easy to use
  • Creates beautiful looking quizzes
  • Advanced segmentation
  • A/B split testing
  • Integrates with most email marketing platforms.
  • Branching logic
  • Limited to WordPress only
  • A little complicated to set up in the beginning
  • No phone or chat support
  • Costs money

Summary: Thrive Quiz Builder is a plugin created by internet marketers, for internet marketers. Used correctly it will increase audience engagement, grow your email list, and segment your list all at the same time.

If you've been paying attention recently you'll have noticed that some of the biggest names in the game are using quizzes (above everything else) to grow their email lists.

I'm talking about the who's who of the internet marketing world.  Guys like Neil Patel, Tony Robbins, Ramit Sethi to name a few.

how quizzes are used to drive more conversions

Examples of how quizzes are used by the best internet marketers out there to increase conversions.

And, it's no coincidence that these guys are making the most out of online quizzes.

In fact, Neil Patel has used online quizzes to increase lead capture by %500!

Not only do quizzes have some of the best conversion metrics out there, they also seamlessly segment your email list for more targeted email marketing down the track.

All in all, it's safe to say that using quizzes as part of your list building strategy is one of the best ways to build your list fast.


There's more to quizzes than just engagement and list building...

They're also very clever ways to put your products/services in front of your audience.

Take my mate Ramit for example:

how ramit sethi directs users to

Ramit Sethi uses the quiz results pages to up-sell his products and services.

On the quiz results page (see image above), Ramit makes recommendations for each and every user to check out his catalogue of other products.

It's genius.

So, not only has he captured their email address, and segmented them seamlessly into his email marketing campaign, but he's also giving himself the potential to close a new customer right there and then.  

It's sneaky, but it's damn clever.

And, what's even better, with a tool like Thrive Quiz Builder, it's super easy to set something like this up too.

In this Thrive Quiz Builder review I'm going to be showing you exactly what this plugin is capable of, and why it may, or may not be a good option for you when choosing the best quiz builder plugin for your WordPress site.


The first thing you need to ask yourself when your looking for the right quiz builder plugin is "How serious are you about using quizzes to build your email list"?

If you're looking to use quizzes purely for engaging your audience (without all the fancy segmentation, A/B testing and list building functionality) then the Thrive Themes Quiz Builder is probably not the plugin for you.

In fact, there's some great free quiz builder plugins in the WordPress repository that are more than fit for the task.


*These quiz builder plugins offer free versions, however, added features may come at an additional cost.


For a quiz builder plugin to be really effective, it must help you achieve a few things:

  1. Grow your email list.
  2. Segment those users.
  3. Integrate with email marketing software.
  4. Be simple to use.
  5. Look good.
  6. Help you to gather valuable data.
  7. Be customisable.

Sadly, not many quiz builder plugins tick all of these boxes.  

But what about Thrive Quiz Builder, how does it stack up?

Is it really all that good...

...or is just a load of hot air and smoke-screens?

Let's find out shall we.

But first...


There's a big difference in the prices that you'll pay for quiz builders, ranging from free, all the way up to $260p/y+.

So, how much should you be looking to pay for a premium quiz builder?

Lets have a look at the table below to find out more:

Quiz Builders




Lead Quizzes


Thrive Quiz Builder

$67 (one-off fee)*

Quiz Cat

$49 (one-off fee)

*Thrive Quiz Builder can also be purchased as part of Thrive Themes Membership which gives you access to 11+ premium conversion focused plugins all in one.  Thrive membership costs $19p/m (paid annually).

As you can see, Thrive Quiz Builder definitely isn't the cheapest (in fact many quiz plugins are free), however, I do think that for the price tag of $67 (one-off fee), it represents good value for money.


All quiz builders have their own unique take on the best ways to create conversion focused quizzes, however, I wanted to go through what in my experience are the most important features a quiz builder must have, and see how Thrive Quiz Builder stacks up.

Below I highlight these features, and break them down to see how well it delivers on each.


There are a number of different ways quizzes can be used to capture and qualify leads, and for that reason, you need may need to use different quiz types.

The most common quiz types used are:

  1. Numbered quizzes - Displays the final result of the quiz as a number eg. you got 7 questions right.
  2. Personality quizzes - Displays the final result of the quiz as a category eg. short, average, tall.
  3. Percentage quizzes - Displays the final result of the quiz as a percentage eg. you got 85%.
  4. Right/Wrong quizzes -  Displays the final result of the quiz as the number of correct answers eg. you got 6/10 answers correct.

Each of these quiz types (if used effectively) can be super important when building optimised quizzes that convert.  

Thankfully, Thrive Quiz Builder delivers on all four fronts.

thrive quiz builder types

Thrive Quiz Builder gives you four different quiz types to choose from.

Although there are tools out there that offer even more quiz type variations, these four are the most important, and most commonly used with proven results.

So, for the average user, these four quiz type variations should be more than sufficient.


A quiz that converts users into email subscribers is great don't get me wrong, but without effective analytics it's impossible to know what's working and what isn't.

LeadQuizzes arguably leads the way when it comes to detailed analytics in this sector (their analytics is insane), however, Thrive Quiz Builder is not too shabby in this area too.

From the side hustler to small businesses, the Thrive Themes Quiz Builder gives you lots of data points to make informed decisions that'll increase your conversion rates.

Below are the data points that you can track:

  • Track Across Time - Track results across any time interval (daily, weekly, monthly, total).
  • Starting Vs. Finishing - Track how many people are starting and finishing the quiz.
  • Quiz Flow - See where visitors are dropping off,  which conversion goals are successful, and the most common paths being taken.
  • Individual Question Stats - See how each question is being answered.
  • Social Sharing Stats - See what results are getting the most shares.
  • User Stats - See a log of each quiz takers flow and how they answered each question. 

This level of analytics is more than enough for most internet marketers.


This is where Thrive Quiz Builder really stands out.  

The customisation options available to you with this plugin are virtually endless.  

With the deep integration with Thrive Architect (probably the best drag and drop page editor for WordPress), you get full customisation over EVERYTHING without ever needing to know the first thing about coding.

It's pretty remarkable really.

You really can make virtually any type of quiz you can imagine with this plugin with zero coding skills whatsoever.


Everything is easy when you know how right?

And, that goes for Thrive's Quiz Builder plugin too.  

If you're an absolute newbie, then you may be better off going for a plugin that is a little less feature rich, as all the functionality that comes packed into Thrive Quiz Builder can be a little overwhelming at times.

However, if you're pretty comfortable learning new tech tools it shouldn't be too hard to get the hang of it.  

Expect to invest an hour or so into learning the in's and out's of Thrive Quiz Builder to really get the most out of it.

Plus, there's plenty of video tutorials provided by the plugin makers to guide you through the set up phase like the video below.


User segmentation is the process of organising your audience into separate 'buckets' or categories.

Segmenting your audience in this way, coupled with email marketing software (I use Active Campaign) enables you to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Audience segmentation, and personalisation of the user journey is one of the quickest ways to increase ROI.

Thrive Quiz Builder integrates directly with popular email marketing software like Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, Aweber and more, and allows you to segment your audience using tags through each phase, and each decision a user makes on their journey through your quiz.

This is an advanced feature, and one that makes this plugin a compelling choice for advanced internet marketers. 


A/B testing is used by internet marketers to objectively test the performance of the things they do.

Metrics that are often A/B tested are conversion rates, email sign up rates, user engagement etc. 

A/B testing is how you change your results from good, to great.  

It's not all about one sweeping change and expecting massive results however, instead, it's the results achieved by constant improvement and refinement.  These compounding effects can turn a 5% conversion rate into a 20% conversion rate over time.

A/B testing is integrated at every step within Thrive Quiz Builder. This makes micro refinements and improvements really easy. 

By running A/B tests consistently on your quizzes, over time you will see some big results.

A/B testing can be very complicated and is often reserved for grade A nerds, however, Thrive Quiz Builder makes the process so easy that you'd be a fool not to make the most of it.

Is it the most powerful A/B testing solution you could be using?

Probably not.

But is it good enough (and easy enough) to test what matters and make data driven decisions to improve your metrics...

...definitely yes.


An opt-in gate is like a squeeze page where you collect user emails after they've gone through your quiz, right before they are able to access the quiz results page.

This page is integral when using quizzes for email conversions.

Example of an opt-in gate page.

What I like about the way Thrive Quiz Builder uses this feature is just how flexible it is.

As it's fully integrated with Thrive Architect (drag and drop page builder), you really are able to customise, and refine this page until your hearts content.

Getting this page right could be the difference between a successful quiz campaign, and a flop...

This is arguably the most important feature of any quiz building plugin (especially for marketers), however, with many of the cheap/free alternatives this feature just isn't there.

So, when choosing the right quiz plugin for your website, make sure that it includes this feature at a bare minimum.


As a user goes through your quiz (especially personality based quizzes) they'll naturally end up at with different results.  

Dynamic results give your users different results based on the choices they take.

This is a super cool feature that Thrive Quiz Builder has a unique approach to.

It's a little confusing at first, but once you get your head around it, you can see how well thought out this feature is.

Although possibly not the easiest one to work with (unlike LeadQuizzes), it's still robust enough to get the job done.


Branching logic is a feature that changes what question or page a person is directed to based on how they answer the current question.  

Branching logic is sometimes referred to as "skip logic" or "conditional branching", depending on which service you use.

And it's via branching logic that you're able to create dynamic quizzes that vary based on the answers your audience give you.

Example of the branching logic drag and drop builder in Thrive Quiz Builder 

I've tested the branching logic features of numerous different quiz plugins, most of which are poor at best.  

On Thrive Quiz Builder however, adding branching logic to your quizzes is simple.

With an intuitive, visual drag and drop quiz logic builder, it's simply a case of dragging and connecting the quiz questions and building out the user journey you want to create.

Your entire quiz user journey can be mapped out in minutes, and changed at any time.

Unless you're building super basic linear quizzes, branching logic is a feature that you're going to need.


I've tested a tonne of different quiz plugins for WordPress in my time, so I certainly know what works and what doesn't.  In this review of Thrive Quiz builder I've tried to be as objective as I can..

But, is Thrive Quiz Builder the best quiz plugin choice for you?

I think so far as native WordPress integration goes, I'd have to say yes.  I believe it's the best out there right now.

However, in the broader scope of things, services like LeadQuizzes offer a more comprehensive service, although, those extra services and features come with a pretty hefty price tag.

In conclusion I'd recommend LeadQuizzes for already established businesses with a big audience that need all of the extra features it offers, and I'd recommend Thrive Quiz Builder for solopreneurs or small business folk who want the ability to build complex, conversion focused quizzes without the hefty price tag.

For what it's worth, I use Thrive Quiz Builder personally, and I don't plan on switching it up anytime soon.

Peace out.


Do you have any experience using Thrive Quiz Builder? Or is there another plugin that you recommend that I might be overlooking?

If so, chuck it in the comments and get the conversation started!


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