Daily Yoga lessons from December 19th - Jan 17th

A chance to...


Flow Yoga on the Estuary in Whangamata!

Each year - from December through to January (since 2010) - a community of likeminded individuals have come together for the daily ritual of Yoga at the estuary in Whangamata.

To reconnect. To rejuvenate. To heal.

To wash of the stresses of the year just gone (2020 in particular), and to set intentions for the new year ahead. 

With the challenging times of the past 12 months and the uncertain times ahead, now (more than ever) is the perfect time to rebalance, find your centre-point, and get grounded.

And these daily flow Yoga sessions will do just that.

Running at 8am daily from December 19th - January 17th these Yoga sessions will see you starting 2021 centred, and aligned ready for whatever challenges life throws your way.

What to expect...

  • Increased vitality - feel better & achieve more with your days.
  • More core strength - helping to prevent injuries & take take on more challenges.
  • How to breath (the right way) - that 95% of people don't even know!
  • Reduced stress - you'll learn breathing & relaxation techniques to combat heavy stress.
  • Flexibility - gain more movement in your joints with ease and grace.
  • Meditation on the move - you'll learn techniques to re-centre when you're on the move.

"A time to wind down, tune-out and just... be present."

About the


The Flow Yoga classes start each morning at 8am and are run by Vinyasa-Yoga specialist (with over 20 years experience) Christina McGrath.

The classes run for 1hour each day, outside - immersed in nature - in one of the most beautiful locations in the whole of New Zealand...

Whangamata Estuary!

Each morning you'll be greeted by the sounds of the waves, the birds singing their songs and the slow trickle of the river as it ebbs by.

The group Yoga class will be full of like-minded people at all different levels, from absolute beginner all the way up.  Which creates a safe place to connect and practice Yoga in a non-judgemental environment.

These unique one-off Yoga classes really are for everyone.




Meet  your instructor


After graduating from the University of Iowa with a degree in psychology, Christina set out to build on her knowledge and dove right into the wellness field.

Years later, and Christina is now considered an elite specialist in the wellness arena - specialising in Yoga, nutrition and sports massage.

And it's this unique skillset that has seen Christina head-hunted to teach at retreats all around the world.

Her work has impacted the lives of countless people, not just through her 1-on-1 in person work, but also via her online community where she's managed to spread her work to a global audience.

Thankfully, Christina now calls New Zealand home and is gifting us the opportunity to work with her in person. Yay!

Christina Mcgrath Yoga

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Incase you're  wondering...

How long does each yoga lesson last?

Each class runs for 1 hour from 8am until 9am.

Can I turn up and pay?

It's totally fine to turn up and pay on the day if you prefer, however it's cheaper (and it helps things run smoother) if you book and pay online.

What if I've never done yoga before?

Never done Yoga before?  Excellent!

These classes are structured in a way that allows you to move at your own pace and get huge value out of each session even if you've never done Yoga before.

Am I too young to come to the classes?

We welcome everyone, of all ages.  The more the merrier!

Is it essential to book in advance?

Advanced booking is not essential, but it's advised - for a couple of reasons...

Firstly, it's much cheaper if you book online and pay in advance, and secondly it helps to organise class numbers.

what do i need to bring with me?

Just bring yourself, a towel/yoga mat, some water and maybe a hat or sunscreen. 

what happens if it rains?

The class runs come rain or shine, just dress accordingly.  And if it's raining, don't worry we'll run under the canopy of the nearby trees.

Can I use my class passes for friends & Family?

Of course!  Think of your class pass like a voucher.  It's yours to use - and share - however you'd like.

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